As an increasingly popular tourism destination, we always need more people working with us to ensure we deliver the best possible customer experience. Check out the vacancies below and see what you can bring to our community!

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Surfing Instructor

As a surfing instructor, our course will teach you how to swim, dive and surf, along with other various skills such as first aid. Become a fully qualified surfing instructor with us today, and teach many people skills of a lifetime that they'll never forget!


As a lifeguard, you will be responsible of keeping our beaches and its people safe. Our course will teach you how to swim and dive, as well as medical treatment should emergencies occur. Become a fully qualified lifeguard with us today, and help save lives tomorrow!


As a fisherman/fisherwoman, you will be joining our front lines in the waters and will learn how to catch aquatic animals with various tools and equipment. You will also be taught safety skills to keep you safe and prepared no matter what the event. Become a fisherman/fisherwoman today, and help us feed our community for days to come!

Community Workers

As a community worker, you will perform a range of community services. You will also aid in projects to help further the development of our town and community. Become a community worker with us today, and help us pave the way to being a cleaner, safer and brighter town!

Health Workers

As a health worker, our duty is to help save lives. We need more local health services in our town, and with your help we can keep our community safe and healthy. Join our health worker force today, and become part of a community that values everyone equally in both spirit and health.

Building Contractors

As a building contractor, you will assist us in the development of building houses, transport and other various infrastructures. With your help, we can modernize our society aned bring more to the town and its people.

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